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Savings Rates

Type of AccountAPR1APY2Minimum DepositTerms
Shares0.20%0.20%$5.00$100 minimum to earn dividend
Christmas Club0.20%0.20%$5.00$100 minimum to earn dividend
Vacation Club0.20%0.20%$5.00$100 minimum to earn dividend
Special Savings0.20%0.20%$5.00$100 minimum to earn dividend
IRA Savers0.50%0.50%$500.00N/A
Certificates31.50%1.50%$1,000.006 months
2.50%2.52%$1,000.0012 months
2.50%2.52%$1,000.0024 months

1 APR = Annual Percentage Rate
2 APY = Annual Percentage Yield
3 Note: On all certificates of deposits, early withdrawal will result in penalty fees. The fee may be up to 90 days interest.

Notwithstanding the preceding, rates charged on loans falling within the provisions of the Small Loans Act, are governed by that Act.