Truth in Savings Disclosure

The Credit Union pays dividends on all accounts with the exception of share drafts and share certificates based on the average daily balance method with a minimum of $100 in the Share, club accounts and special savings. There will be no dividends paid on share draft accounts. All term share accounts will be credited with dividends quarterly with dividends available at maturity. The Board of Directors will determine the quarterly dividend rate. All dividends are paid solely on the availability of current income and Undivided Earnings after any all transfers are made to Reserve accounts at the quarter end.

Dividend earnings begin to accrue on deposits as they are made. The average daily balance method calculates your dividend using the beginning balance of each day for its dividend.

Transaction Limits

The maximum amount of cash withdrawals at either of our offices is $500.00 per day. Exceptions may be made depending of the availability of excess funds and management’s approval.

Fee Schedule for Our Credit Card

Finance Charges: as low as 8.9% ANNUAL.

Overlimit Charges: $10.00 will be assessed to the account for any overlimit transaction of $1.00 or more.

Minimum Payment: The minimum payment required is the New Balance shown on the statement if the amount is equal to or less than $20.00. If the New Balance exceeds $20.00 the minimum payment is 3% of that portion of the New Balance which does not exceed the individual credit limit or $20 whichever is greater, plus any amount past due.

Late Charges: If the minimum required payment is not received within 5 days after the closing date subsequent to the payment due date, a late charge of $10 is imposed for any amount over $1.00.

Fee Schedule for Our Debit Card

$1.00 fee per ATM transaction deducted monthly from your checking account.
$5.00 fee for a second request reissue or after for lost/stolen card.